d r a f t

Detleff Korsen

Text: Wilhelm II von Sachsen-Weimar (?) 1648, Strophe 4 Gotha 1651, Melodie: Gochsheim / Redwitz 1628, Görlitz 1648, Evangelisches Gesangbuch Nr. 155, aufgenommen in der Kirche St. Cosmae und Damiani in Hassel.

Wikipedia has background “Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend” at:


Also a digital image of the page where it appears the in Neu-vermehrtes Würtembergisches Gesangbuch (1691) of Daniel Speer and Johann Habermann:

Herr Jesu Christ, Wikipedia (detail)

The soprano line is clearly singable (in my register, which obviously doesn’t correspond to the soprano clef in the 1691 Gesangbuch. (!)

Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now

Hymnary.org has a “representative text,” which is basically Catherine Winkworth’s at


… and copies from a variety of hymnals, mostly Lutheran, including the 1958 Service Book and Hymnal and the 1941 hymnal. They’re all in F (and look like they would transpose best to DAD).

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