d r a f t

Dean Robert Willis of Canterbury Cathedral and friend (screen shot from Irish Times story)


Leo, one of our cats, jumped onto the table in the middle of the service. And my instinct was to say, ‘well, we better stop and do this again.’ I didn’t. I continued, and I looked at Fletcher [the camera operator] and he made a motion to say just carry on.

And thus a star was born:

The antics mean some of the Dean’s sermons in the last year have been seen across the globe. He thinks it’s exactly what people have needed during a difficult time.

To keep that on just lifts people into a state where they’re relaxed. And many people who weren’t used to worship and quite often listen to morning prayer, watch morning prayer at night when they’re sitting down or wash the dishes or something of that kind, would write in to say: ‘I left any kind of going to church long ago. But we actually are joining in with you.

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