‘Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen’ | ABAKUS Musik | Click on “CC” for English subtitles.

Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen / “By gracious pow’rs so wonderfully sheltered …” (trans. Fred Prett Green, ELW 626

(ELW has a different tune (TELOS) by Robert Buckley Farlee — video by Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church on YouTube)

PDF in three-part harmony https://www.tritonus.eu/Dreiklang/VongutenMaechten.pdf

ABAKUS Musik Gesamtausgabe https://abakusmusik.de/von-guten-maechten-wunderbar-geborgen-gesamtausgabe.

Even decades after his violent death, Dietrich Bonhoeffer is still a current role model. The memory of him remains exciting and inspiring. This is also made clear by the new edition of Siegfried Fietz’s three musical works, which deal intensively with Bonhoeffer’s life, beliefs and thinking: ‘Wonderfully salvaged by good powers’,’ Succession – From good powers 2 ‘and’ Stormy times – From good powers 3 ‘.

As early as 1977, Siegfried Fietz created one of the most successful songs in new German church music with the setting of the Bonhoeffer poem ‘Von guten Mächten Wunderbar’. It is now a permanent fixture in the Protestant hymn book and has been translated into many languages. The composer and singer has long felt connected to Bonhoeffer’s theology. He presents them to a wide audience sensitively and with great devotion. 

The theological legacy is particularly central in the third part. He is inspired by the letters that Bonhoeffer wrote from the Berlin-Tegel prison during the last two years of his life. They show a person between ‘resistance and surrender’. The journalist, theologian and lyricist Michael Strauss has processed them into poetic interpretations for people in their own stormy time

The new edition offers all friends of modern sacred music special access to a witness of faith, whom his trust in God leads into the conflicts of this world. In the compositions of Siegfried Fietz, Bonhoeffer’s work comes to life for us today. Whoever hears it will hardly be able to evade its moving power. They lead into the center of life.

Including bonus track: ‘Wonderfully recovered by Guten Mächten’ (recording 2015) with all verses.

Die Liederkiste

Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen


Text: Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1944) 1945/1951
Melodie: Otto Abel, Siegfried Fietz, Gerhard Fleischer ua


1. Von guten Mächten treu und still umgeben,
behütet und getröstet wunderbar,
so will ich diese Tage mit euch leben
und mit euch gehen in ein neues Jahr.

Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen,
erwarten wir getrost, was kommen mag.
Gott ist bei uns am Abend und am Morgen
und ganz gewiss an jedem neuen Tag.

2. Noch will das alte unsre Herzen quälen,
noch drückt uns böser Tage schwere Last.
Ach Herr, gib unsern aufgeschreckten Seelen
das Heil, für das du uns geschaffen hast.

3. Und reichst du uns den schweren Kelch, den bittern
des Leids, gefüllt bis an den höchsten Rand,
so nehmen wir ihn dankbar ohne Zittern
aus deiner guten und geliebten Hand.

Lead sheet (Notenblatt) with guitar chords — links to https://www.waldorf-ideen-pool.de/website/var/tmp/image-thumbnails/0/8420/thumb__contentfull/vongutenmaechten001.jpeg

Bonhoeffer’s hymn, Af gode magter underfuldt beskærmet, begins at 16:14

New Year’s Service in Denmark. Af gode magter underfuldt beskærmet begins at 16:14

Af gode magter underfuldt beskærmet

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