Working title?: Swedes in Roger Williams’ Garden: An Immigrant Folk Church in Protestant America, 1848-1860

Chapter headings

  • Intro. xxx
  • Prologue. Swedish and international background. Folk church. xxx
  • Planting the church. xxx
  • Lutherans. xxx
  • Americans. xxx
  • Epilogue. xxx
  • Findings and conclusions. xxx


  • Folk church — not yet fully developed in the 1850s, but inherent in the Swedish system
  • Luther and Duke John the Steadfast, Elector of Saxony — 2 kingdoms — Saxon visitation
  • International nature of Lutheran churches — outgrowth of medieval universities — spread to Scandinavia, folk church
  • Awakening in Sweden, influence of English Norconformists,
  • Robert Baird
  • Esbjörn —


  • Open with vignette of Norelius first meeting with Esbjörn
  • Ecclesia Plantada — origin of phrase — very

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