Selected Documents: Dealing with the Organization of the First Congregations and the First Conferences of the Augustana Synod and their Growth Until 1860, Vol. 1, ed. I.O. Nothstein, Augustana Historical Society Publications, 10 (1944): 92.

Chicago-Mississippi Conference Minutes, Chicago, January 4-9, 1854. 90

[92] Thereupon the following question was acted upon: “What shall be the formula for reception of members into a congregation?” This resolution was moved and adopted: When members are received through Holy Baptism it is permitted each one to use one or another of the order of baptism customary in the Lutheran Church. Not all these orders contain the Apostles’ Creed, but it is the unanimous desire and the decision of this conference that said creed shall always be included in the order of baptism.

In regard to members baptized and confirmed in the homeland who are to be received into our congregations, it did not seem quite proper to require again an avowal of faith which they had already given, and thus confirm them, as it were, anew. Instead it was decided only to inquire of them, if they intend faithfully to adhere to the Confession which they already have given at the altar of the Lord, and accordingly to hold fast faithfully to the Augsburg Confession, and to observe seriously those duties to which this Confession in general and membership in a congregation in particular binds them. it was left to each congregation to state these questions as it wished. The formula which had been used by Br. Andersen in Chicago seemed especially suitable and worthy of recommendation.

[E. Norelius refers at this point in a footnote to “A formula of questions to be used in the admission of members, adopted at the Synod meeting in Peru, 1854 Minutes, pages 6-7. Esbjörn was chairman of the committee appointed at the meeting in Galesburg, 1853, and was doubtless the author of the Formula.”]


Selected Documents: Dealing with the Organization of the First Congregations and the First Conferences of the Augustana Synod and their Growth Until 1860, Vol. 2, ed. I.O. Nothstein, Augustana Historical Society Publications, 11 (1946):

Minutes of Pioneer Congregations, Immanuel, Chicago, pp. 5-30

5-7 Paul Andersen, bio, story of earlier Norwegian church … Andersen a student at Beloit, “recently founded, Congregational-Presbyterian college at Beloit, Wisconsin” — Swedes from Västergötland in 1852, etc., Andersen writes Hasselquist  

[Passim, Church Council also took up matters like building repair, payments to the Norwegian church [Andersen’s] for the building on Superior Street — pew rent, church musicians, naming deacons and members of Church Council … ]

19-20, Minutes of Church Council, Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chicago, May 28, 1857

[19] council “bids the following persons welcome to become members of our congregation, namely:

Frans Hult and wife, Gustaf Jacob Larsson and wife, Bengt Bergquist, the sisters Anna Chrlotta and Clara Svens döttrar, with Mrs. Stina Karl Peterson and Miss Johanna Lars dotter.

A request to become a member of the congregation had also been received from _____ __________, and though he had handed a certificate to the Church Council from Justice J.L. Miliken stating that __________ __________ because of insufficient evidence had been acknowledged innocent of the charge preferred against him by _____ __________: nevertheless the Church Council felt that this matter as well as the status of _____ __________ in general were of such a nature that it is unwilling to be responsible for accepting him as a member of the congregation; but resoled that the question be submitted to a vote of the congregation itself, and that this vote be taken tomorrow evening after the close of the service and the reading of these minutes.

[20] Friday, May 29, 1857 In accordance with the foregoing resolution of the Church Council the congregation was asked to remain after the close of the service to vote on the question of whether _____ __________ should be received as a member of our congregation or not.

15 yes, 26 no.

[21] Dec. 19, 1857 A list of persons who had applied for membership was examined, and the church Council approved of their reception with the exception of one family whose conduct was such that the Church Council found it impossible at present to receive them as members of our congregation.

[29] May 25, 1860 Resolved unanimously that the congregation approves of the resolution adopted by the united Chicago and Mississippi Conference in Chicago on April 23-28, this year, to leave the Northern Illinois Synod and form a Scandinavian Synod of our own.

named Swen Olsson delegate to organizing convention

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