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‘In Thee in Gladness’, ad. Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi. Sung at the 11th Annual Choral Festival 2016 of Shenandoah Christian Music Camp (VA). Conducted by Lloyd Kauffman.

Methodist hymnal version, with inclusive lyrics, at https://www.hymnsite.com/lyrics/umh169.sht


Which reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to ask you about — last month I blundered into a late 16th-century German hymn called In dir ist Freude and really liked it. It’s in ELCA’s cranberry book, and apparently it’s quite popular in Germany, but I don’t think we ever sang it at Peace Lutheran or Atonement. Is it a familiar hymn in America? 

I’ll link you to a post I put up on my spiritual direction blog so I can learn it from YouTube clips — you can safely ignore most of it but the first two are rather nice. One features a Renaissance ensemble called Cappella de la Torre, and the other a pastor in Lower Saxony who accompanies himself on guitar and, I think, conveys the spirit of the early chorales.

[redacted]Sat, Apr 16, 2:35 AM
 to me

Peter, I found this email in my draft file – don’t know if it was ever completed and sent.

[…] In dir Freude is in the current LCMS hymnal. Don’t think Emmanuel here in Asheville is familiar with it, but we’ve sung it in several LCMS congregations.  Love the text by Johann Lindemann and translated by the ever constant Catherine Winkworth:

In Thee is gladness  Amid all sadness,  Jesus, sunshine of my heart.

By Thee are given  The gifts of heaven,  Thou the true Redeemer art.

Our souls Thou wakest,  Our bonds Thou breakest:

Who trusts Thee surely  Has built securely;  He stands forever: Alleluia!

Our hearts are pining  To see Thy shining,

Dying or living  To Thee are cleaving; Naught can us sever: Alleluia!

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